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3M Accuspray Spray Gun & Replaceable Atomizing Heads

3M Accuspray Spray Gun is a replaceable atomizing head spray gun that helps eliminate spray gun maintenance kits, allowing users to visually confirm the spray gun is clean. With five different sizes of atomizing heads available, the gun has the ability to quickly change colours and helps to deliver exceptional results through excellent atomization, resulting in high transfer efficiency and low overspray. The durable, lightweight 1-piece composite spray gun body contains no gaskets, seals or O-rings, eliminating maintenance kits. It is easily-operated controls allow for up to 12" vertical or horizontal spray pattern. The Accuspray ONE Gun is sold separately, or in a PPS 2.0 Kit.
Accuspray ONE PPS 2.0 Kit Includes one 3M Accuspray ONE Spray Gun, five replaceable atomizing heads(one in each size shown below), one Standard size 22 oz, 650 ml 3M PPS Series 2.0 Hard Cup and five Standard size (22 oz, 650 ml) 3M PPS Series 2.0 Lids and Liners.
3M Accuspray Atomizing Heads for PPS Series 2.0 eliminates the need for spray gun maintenance kits, allows user the ability to visually confirm the spray gun is clean, and offers the performance of a brand new spray gun on demand with each replaceable atomizing head.

  • Red and Clear Atomizing Heads - intended for use with medium viscosity automotive sealer, basecoat and clear coat, primers, marine top coat and clear coat, wood stains and varnish, mold release agents and coatings requiring a finer finish.
  • Green and Orange Atomizing Heads are ideal for very low viscosity sealers, base coats and clear coats

  • Blue Atomizing Heads are intended for very high viscosity base coats and clear coats

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PMM16149 Accuspray 2 Spray Gun   KIT YES
PMM16155 1.2mm Blue, Atomizing Head, 26612 - 4/kit, sold in multiples of 6 kits   KIT -
PMM16150 1.3mm Green, Atomizing Head 26613 - 4/kit, sold in multiples of 6 kits   KIT YES
PMM16151 1.4mm Orange, Atomizing Head 26614 - 4/kit, sold in multiples of 6 kits   KIT YES
PMM16156 1.8mm Clear, Atomizing Head, 26618 - 4/kit, sold in multiples of 6 kits   KIT -
PMM16157 2.0 mm Red, Atomizing Head, 26620 - 4/kit, sold in multiples of 6 kits   KIT -
PMM16153 Accuspray One Spray Gun with PPS 2.0 Series Spray Cup   KIT YES
PMM16154 Accuspray ONE Pro Spray Gun Kit for PPS 2.0 Series   KIT YES
IAMMCL55 High Power Metal or Plastic Spray Gun Cleaner   EA -

  • Reduces gun cleaning time
  • No solvent cleaners required
  • Saves paint
  • Used for a variety of painting applications including primer, sealer, basecoat and clearcoat
  • Choose the preferred atomizing head size for your application
  • Designed for use with a pressurized H/O cup system
Designed for use with a pressurized H/O cup system to provide superior application of high viscosity clearcoat, paints, primers and sealers.

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