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IJ8624 Scotchcal Vinyl for Textured Surfaces

This 2-mil removable graphic films designed for either solvent-based piezo inkjet printing or electrostatic printing. When heated and applied with 3M's application tools and techniques, these films conform to moderately textured surfaces on both flat and curved substrates, including concrete block, brick, industrial stucco and tile similar to those surfaces commonly found in sports arena, stadiums, restaurants, retail and other public venues.

Use with 8524 overlaminate.

Compatible with solvent, latex and UV-cure inks.


  • Adhesive Solvent, gray pigmented adhesive
  • Durability Expected Performance Life of 7 years (unwarranted period for unprinted film with no graphic protection, applied to a flat, vertical, outdoor surface)
JMMA2446 54" x 5 yards   5Y -
JMMA2443 54" x 12.5 yards   RL YES
JMMA2444 54" x 25 yards   25Y YES
JMMA2448 60" x 50 yards   50Y YES
JMMA2442 54" x 50 yards   50Y YES
JMMA2442-YD 54" , sold in multiples of 5 yards   YD YES
JMMA2447 27" x 5 yards, Sample   5Y YES

  • Highly conformable and dimensionally stable overlaminate; ideal for textured surfaces
  • Gray adhesive on film IJ8624 will hide almost any wall color
  • Reliable adhesion turns indoor and outdoor textured surfaces into prime real estate
  • Ability to create photographic quality images in any size, shape or design
  • Fast, clean and generally more cost effective compared to painted graphics
  • Removable with heat
  • Conforms to flat and curved surfaces
  • Application surfaces: Moderately-textured surfaces such as concrete block, brick, industrial stucco and tile, as found on flat walls and/or simple curved architectural elements such as columns. Substrate temperature: 4C to 38C
  • Retail, restauants
  • POP displays

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