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3635 Cast Light Control Film

3M 3635 series light control films are a series of 2-mil vinyl films with permanent pressure-sensitive adhesives. Available in Diffusers, Dual Colour, Blockout and Day/Night Films

Light Control Diffusers: available in three transmission levels: 30%, 50% and 60%. This film is designed to adhere to rigid substrates creating custom lighting effects for backlit applications. They allow users to control brightness and light distribution within light boxes without hotspots and can be used with both fluorescent bulbs or LEDs. It is also thermoformable.

Dual Colour Films:Dual- colour are perforated light control films that display background colour when lit; Available in black, white, blue. 30% light transmission. Screen and solvent printable. For use on backlit channel letters, signs, and displays.

Blockout Films: blocks light transmission when applied to internally illuminated signs and enhances a neon-type effect when used on the second surface of clear acrylic. It is available in either Black face/White back or White face/Black back.

Day/Night Films:This film has a greenish-gray color and 47% typical light transmission with a clear, pressure-sensitive adhesive. It produces the appearance of dark graphics during the day and white or coloured graphics at night. For use on first and second surface applications


  • Construction 2mil Cast
  • Adheisive Permanent
VE363520B White Blockout Matte, 48" sold by the yard   YD YES
VE363522B-50 Black Blockout, 48" sold by the yard   YD YES
VE363530 White Diffuser 30%, 48" sold by the yard   YD YES
VE373560-50 White Diffuser 60%, 48" sold by the yard   YD YES
VE363570 White Diffuser 60%, 48" sold by the yard   YD YES
VE3635222-50 Black Dual Colour, 48" sold in 5 yard increments   YD YES
VE363591-10 Day/Night Smoke Grey, 48" x 10 yards   YD -
VE363591-50 Day/Night Smoke Grey, 48" x 50 yards   YD -

  • Available in light blocking, diffusers, day/night and light-enhancing options
  • 2mil cast with permanent adhesive
  • Outdoor durable
  • Energy-saving
  • Thermoformable
  • Indoor/outdoor lit signs
  • Back-lit displays
  • Pilon signs