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580 Scotchlite Reflective Vinyl

3M Scotchlite reflective material allows for visibility at dawn, dusk, night, and all weather conditions. Designers can easily incorporate this material into all kinds of footwear, garments, and accessories, from safety vests to high performance activewear. The results: attractive reflective material/clothing that helps make objects/people more visible.


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VH58010C 3/4" x 50 yards, White   YD YES
VH58085C 3/4" x 50 yards, Black   YD -
VH58010E 1" x 50 yards, White   YD -
VH58075C 3/4" x 50 yards, Blue   YD -
VH58071C 3/4" x 50 yards, Yellow   YD -
VH58082C 3/4" x 50 yards, Ruby Red   YD -
VH58082B 1" x 50 yards, Ruby Red   YD -
VE58010 48" x 50 yards, White   YD -
VE58076-50 48" x 50 yards, Light Blue   YD -

  • 3M Brand and associated warranties mean "3M Innovation" and performance quality to the end user (your customer)...Use these associations to your advantage by offering value that your competitors don't! Command higher pricing and better profit margins as a result.
  • Visibility in dark, poor weather
  • Durable
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Railroad graphics