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973 Diamond Grade Conspicuity Emergency Vehicle Marking

973 is a highly reflective, Diamond Grade, microprismatic lens conspicuity reflective sheeting with pressure sensitive adhesive for application to emergency vehicles. It exceeds NFPA 1901 requirements and offers high brightness, superior angularity, excellent nighttime brightness and an easy-to-remove liner. Designed for use on painted or unpainted metal without rivets.


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VH97310NLE 1" x 50 yards, White   YD -
VH97371KCL 4" x 50 yards, Yellow, FRA, KC18   YD -
VH97371Q 6" x 50 yards, Yellow   YD -
VH97372L 4" x 50 yards, Red, sold in multiples of 2 rolls   YD -
VH97372Q 6" x 50 yards, Red   YD -

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  • Visibility-enhancing
  • Flexible
  • Designed for outdoors
  • Automobiles, trucks, fleet
  • Locomotives, rail cars