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Dichroic Films for Architectural

Dichroic Irridescent Architectural Films for Glass

Dichroic architectural iridescent films can be used in applications such as shading fins, balustrades, exterior glass, glass partition walls, shower door glass, artistic glass and glass furniture. It has a dynamic effect - colour shifts when viewed from different angles using 3M Multi-layer optical film technology. Reflected colours are different than the colors in transmission.

Provide the high-end, beautifully artistic look of dichroic glass without the high-end cost. Dichroic film changes colour when viewed from different angles and the transmitted colors are different from the reflective colors.


Spec Sheet 3M Website


  • Colour Iridescent Chill gold-blue-pink or Blaze copper-bronze-red
VUDFPABL1 48" x 3 meters, Blaze   RL -
VUDFPABL 48" x 30 meters, Blaze   RL -
VYDFLAMBL 72" x 10 meters, Blaze (No Adhesive)   RL -
VUDFPACH-YD 48" Chill, sold by the yard   YD -
VUDFPACH1 48" x 3 meters, Chill   RL -
VUDFPACH 48" x 30 meters, Chill   RL YES
VYDFLAMCH 72" x 10 meters, Chill (No Adhesive)   RL -

  • This PET film can be UV-cure printed, cut, patterned, bent, or combined with different glass types or interlayer adhesives
  • Its a distinctive and eye-catching way to make a long-lasting impression
  • Compatible with EVA, PVB, or SentryGlass Interlayers
  • Exterior glass
  • Glass partition walls
  • Shower doors
  • Glass furniture