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VHB 4910 Clear Double-Sided Acrylic Tape

3M VHB Tapes are very high bond tapes used to replace screws, rivets, welding, liquid adhesives, and other permanent assembly methods.

3M 4910 VHB Tape is a 40 mil clear, closed-cell acrylic carrier, excellent for joining transparent or clear materials.

This family of clear tapes is excellent for applications where clear or colorless is desired. The general purpose adhesive on both sides is suitable for high surface energy substrates. This tape provides short-term temperature resistance up to 300F (149C) and long-term resistance of up to 200F (93C).


  • Colours Clear
TMMA3514 1/4" x 36 yards, sold in multiples of 36   RL -
TMMA3512 1/2" x 36 yards   RL YES
TMMA3513 3/4" x 15 yards, clamshell pkg   RL -
TMMA3510 3/4" x 36 yards   RL YES
TMMA3521 1" x 36 yards   RL YES
PMMAVHBKIT VHB Application Tool Kit   EA -

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  • Application ideas include sealin between inner and outer dome of skylights, attaching handles to sliding glass doors, mounting back lit translucent signs and edge bond resin filled glass.
  • Tape thickness is 0.040".
  • Attach aluminum skin to sign cabinet frame
  • HSE (High Surface Energy) plastics
  • LCD panels
  • Sign fascia
  • Aluminum sheeting
  • Steel sheeting