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VHB 4945 White Double-Sided Acrylic Foam Tape

3M VHB 4945 has a multi-purpose adhesive and offers very good plasticiser resistance and adhesion to vinyl. This white tape bonds vinyl trim and prepainted signs onto trucks and trailers.


  • Colours White
TMMA3912 18 mm x 33 metres, sold in multiples of 3   RL -
TMMA3910 12 mm x 33 metres, sold in multiples of 18   RL -
TMMA3911 24 mm x 33 metres, sold in multiples of 9   RL -

  • 3M Brand and associated warranties mean "3M Innovation" and performance quality to the end user (your customer)...Use these associations to your advantage by offering value that your competitors don't! Command higher pricing and better profit margins as a result.
  • Bonds most high surface energy substrates for a wide variety of applications.
  • Recommended for aluminum or steel sheeting up to 0.025" thick.
  • Reduce your assembly costs as 3M VHB-4945 eliminates holes to drill, screws to tighten, expoxies to cure and weld distortion.
  • Achieve greater design flexibility such as high conformability over irregular surfaces and gaps.
  • 3M VHB-4945 distributes stress over the entire bond area to permit the use of lighter, thinner, more flexible and less expensive construction materials.
  • Improve your product performance as 3M VHB-4945 provides continuous contact over mated surfaces...This eliminates stress points, helps improve fatigue resistance and provides a better seal against environmental conditions.
  • Available in popular widths.
  • Bonds vinyl trim and prepainted signs on trucks and trailers.
  • Flexible vinyl sheeting
  • Automotive trim
  • Aluminum sheeting
  • Steel sheeting
  • Bonds vinyl extrusions to window frames
  • Mount vinyl wiring ducts