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IDC Electrical Connectors

Scotchlok insulation displacement connector (IDC) are easy to use and can save time during installation. Just Insert the wires and squeeze to close - no stripping or twisting required. The unique "U" contact provides a dependable electrical connection.

314 - Moisture resistant pigtail seal, flame retardant end-stop
557 - Dual element connection, flame retardant end-stop
558 - Dual element connection and carry through, flame retardant
560 - Single element connection and carry through, flame retardant

EMME1013 557 - 100/box   PACK -
EMME1015 558 - 100/box   PACK -
EMME1016 560 - 100/box   BOX YES
EMME1017 IDC Hand Crimping Tool   EA -

    Scotchlok IDC can meet a variety of uses, including:
  • Fluorescent ballast connection
  • LED power supply connection
  • Installation and replacement
  • Fixture and appliance wiring
  • Automotive and marine wiring
  • Control circuit wiring
    To use:
  • Place unstripped run wire inside run channel.
  • Insert unstripped tap wire completely.
  • Hold tool perpendicular to the wire and make the connection by crimping the u–contact down flush with the top of the plastic insulator.
  • Close hinged top cover until latched.