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Edge Sealer Container

3950 Edge Sealer

Great for applications subject to extreme abrasion.

A clear coat sealant for sealing edges around graphics preventing edge lifting and moisture damage.

Select the sealer recommended for your vinyl as indicated in the 3M product bulletin.

ISMM3950 3950 Edge Sealer, 8 oz can   EA YES

  • 3M Brand and associated warranties mean "3M Innovation" and performance quality to the end user (your customer)...Use these associations to your advantage by offering value that your competitors don't! Command higher pricing and better profit margins as a result.
  • Keeps vinyl markings from lifting off vehicles which are washed with a pressure wash system. Extend the life cycle of your job and increase your customer's satisfaction.
  • Seals out moisture to enhance the durability of your work.
For sealing edges around graphics in certain situations such as:
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Signs
  • Outdoor posters
  • Reflective applications