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RP45 and RP16 Double Sided VHB Tape

VHB Tapes are high-strength, double-sided bonding tapes and a proven alternative to screws, rivets, welds and other mechanical fasteners. Unlike screws or rivets which join materials at a single point high-strength bonding tape permanently adheres one substrate to another while spreading the stress load across the entire length of the joint. Once materials are joined with VHB a virtually indestructible bond is created. The multi-purpose acrylic adhesive bonds to a wide range of materials including metals, glass, and high and medium surface energy plastics and paints. It also resists the migration of plasticizers in vinyl substrates.

RP16 VHB tape is a 0.016 mm (0.4 in) thick, multi-purpose acrylic adhesive with a conformable foam core with a paper liner.
RP45F VHB tape is a 0.045" (1.1 mm) thick, conformable, double-sided, pressure-sensitve, closed-cell acrylic foam tape with a polyethylene red liner.


  • Adhesive Multi-Purpose Acrylic
TMMA3310 RP16, 1" x 36 yards   RL YES
TMMA3211 RP45, 1/2" x 36 yards   RL YES
TMMA3213 RP45, 3/4" x 36 yards   RL -
TMMA3221 RP45, 1" x 36 yards   RL YES

  • Durability for long-term performance indoors and out
  • Productivity through application ease and versatility
  • Instant high strength bonding with a smooth, invisible appearance
  • Viscoelastic properties absorb shock and distribute stress evenly over the bond line
  • Bond dissimilar materials with confidence
  • General industrial and transportation usage
  • Bonding, attaching and mounting a variety of substrates including many metal, plastic and painted materials
  • Bonds to a wide variety of surfaces, including:
  • Polystyrene
  • Polycarbonate (such as Lexan)
  • Acrylic (such as Plexiglas)
  • PVC (such as Sintra)
  • Flexible PVC (such as banner materials)
  • All acrylic construction
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Composites
  • Sealed wood
  • Painted surfaces

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