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Acudome Clear Doming Resin

Acudome is a two part room temperature curing polyurethane resin system that can be applied to many different products and substrates to produce a highly effective 3D "Dome" coating. The resin is U.V. stable, guaranteed outdoors for 10 years, non-yellowing, durable and semi-flexible.

Note: For application onto gold, silver or other metallic materils, doming fluid must be as fresh as possible. Do not order more than you need! Ensure that all surfaces are properly cleaned before application.

PACACART Cartridge   BX -
PACAGUN Manual Applicator, (2:1)   EA -
PACASTKT Pro Starter Kit   EA -
PACAMTIPS Tips 20 Gauge - Bag of 10   BAG -
PACARPTL Repair Tool   EA -

  • Apply to many non-porus substrate materials.
  • High surface tension.
  • Excellent long term UV resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to outdoor weathering and yellowing.
  • Can "dome" virtually any shape.
  • Most common material that acudome is applied to is mylar.
  • When Acudome finds a sharp edge it will cling and hold itself in a dome until it has gone through its curing process.
  • Acudome is the preferred resin for automotive and marine decals.
  • The "cure" stage of acudome will last for 48 hours.
  • Car badges
  • Automotive decals
  • Marine decals
  • Key fobs
  • Machine labels
  • Fridge magnets