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Addressable RGB LED Modules (Red/Green/Blue)

Allanson's ColorMix Addressable RGB (red/Green/Blue) LED lighting system providedes dynamic effects with a display board. Each individual module can be custom programmed to react separately from the next. This system ideal for signage, architectural or retail purposes. Modeules are IP rated for outdoor applications and come with a 5-year warranty. Works with most IP controllers and runs 21,000 modules per controller. System is combatible with CV125-120-277 power supplies.


  • Colours RGB = Red/Green/Blue
  • Durability 5 year warranty
EAEE1242 RGB Addressable Red/Green/Blue LED Modules, (3 modules/foot)   EA -
EAEE1227 Pre-Programmed RGB Addressable Controller   EA -
EAEC1106 RBG Addressable 80-Module Kit, complete with 1 Power Supply and 1 Controller   BNDL -
EAEC1108 RBG Addressable 120-Module Kit, complete with 2 120-277V Power Supplies and 1 Controller   BNDL -
EAEC1109 RBG Addressable 160-Module Kit, complete with 2 120-277V Power Supplies and 1 Controller   BNDL -
EAEE1218 12 Volt, DC 60 Watt, 120 Volt LED Power Supply   EA YES

  • Dynamic light effects without a display board
  • Each module is individually addressable
  • Customized programming
  • Time delayed program capability
  • Compatible with most SPI Controllers
Signage and architectural lighting applications