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RGB3 Module and DMX Controller LED System

Allanson's RGB3 System merges superior LED technology with advanced DMX controllers create multiple colour variations and customized program sequencing.

  • Five part RGB3 system comprised of: RGB3 Modules, Master Controller, Sub-Controller, LED Power Supplies and Pre-Programmed Software
  • LED Module Part Number: ACLW-RGB3
  • Colours: Red, Green, Blue
  • LEDs per module: 3 Tri-Colour Emitters
  • Power consumption of 0.72W per module
  • Modules per foot: 2.5
  • Modules per bag: 40
  • Modules per Power Supply: 60W - 80
  • Beam Angle: 110 degrees

EAEE1210 RGB3 LED Modules, 2.5/foot, sold in multiples of 40   EA YES
EAEC1110 RBG3 80-Module Kit, with 1 120-277V Power Supply, 1 Wi-Fi Controller   BNDL -
EAEC1111 RBG3 120-Module Kit, with 3 120-277V Power Supplies, 1 Wi-Fi Controller and 2 Amplifiers   BNDL -
EAEC1107 RBG3 160-Module Kit, with 3 120-277V Power Supplies, 1 Wi-Fi Controller and 2 Amplifiers   BNDL -
EAEE1211 RGB3/DMX 512 Channel, 32 Program Master Controller   EA -
EAEE1212 RGB3/DMX 120 Watt Sub Controller   EA -
EAEE1230 RGB3 Pre-Programmed DMX Master Contoller   EA -
EAEE1238 SPI Signal Amplifier   EA -
EAEE1241 RGB3 Signal Booster   EA -
EAEE1235 RBG3/DMX Wireless Transmitter, Receiver, Connector Kit   EA -
EAEE1232 WI-FI Remote Control for Use with ACL-T3-RC   EA -
EAEE1233 Signal Cable, 100 foot Roll   EA -
EAEE1252 Signal Cable, 200 Foot Roll   EA -
EAEE1253 Signal Cable, 300 Foot Roll   EA -
EAEE1254 Singal Cable, 400 Foot Roll   EA -

Allanson's RGB system gives you:
  • 12V system can support up to 80 modules per 60W power supply
  • Excellent tricolor emitter produces bright and efficient lighting effects
  • Combines with master controllers, sub controllers and WIFI controllers for a complete system
  • Pre-program the system to your specifications with a possible time delayed program
  • Fewer power supplies required to light the same sign
  • 5 year warranted

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