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RBG Module and DMX Controller LED System

Allanson's RGB System merges superior LED technology with advanced DMX controllers create multiple colour variations and customized program sequencing.

  • Five part RGB system - Module, Master Controller, Sub-Controller, LED Power Supply and Program Software
  • LED Module Part Number: ACLW-RGB3
  • Colours: Red, Green, Blue
  • LEDs per module: 3 Tri-Colour Emitters
  • Modules per foot: 3
  • Modules per box: 25
  • Modules per Power Supply: 60W - 75
  • Viewing Angle: 120 degrees

EAEE1210 RBG LED Modules, 3/foot, 3-UP, sold in multiples of 40   EA YES
EAEE1211 RGB/DMX 512 Channel, 32 Program Master Controller   EA -
EAEE1212 RGB/DMX 120 Watt Sub Controller   EA -
EAEE1243 RGB Module, Red/Green/Blue, 3 modules/foot   EA -

Allanson's StormTight RGB system gives you:
  • Exceptional Special Effects
  • New tricolour emitter is brighter and more efficient
  • Customized programming
  • Time delayed program capability
  • DMX programming and signal capability
  • Maximized sign awareness in any environment
  • 3 larger light sources versus 9 individual point sources
  • Fewer power supplies required to light the same sign
  • Pre-program the system to your specifications
  • You can easily program the system in your facility
  • Program on site using Allanson's exclusive design software.

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