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Uni-Serve Neon Transformer

    Product Details
  • 15,000V unit replaces 15,000V / 12,000V / 10,500V ratings
  • 9,000V unit replaces 9,000V / 7,500V / 6,000V / 5,000V ratings
  • Available in Standard and Unitran Enclosed Cases
  • 120V, 60hz, normal power factor
  • Poly-resin filled
  • Dimmable and Flashable

EAEF2020 10.5-15KV 30MA 120 Neon Tranf. Self Adjusting Standard   EA YES
EAEF2021 5-9kV 30MA 120V Neon Transformer Self Adjusting Standard   EA -
EAEF2022 5-9kV 30MA 120V Neon Transformer Self Adjusting Unitran   EA -
EAEF2023 10.5-15kV 30MA 120 Neon Transformer Self Adjusting Unitran   EA YES

    Ground Fault Protection:Allows the secondary ground fault protection (SGFP) mode to be by passed for approximately 30 minutes. Note: The LED will blink Red if the unit has tripped and is not properly grounded. To prevent electrical shock hazard, the unit will not enter the by pass mode while improperly grounded.

    Auto-Reset: The transformer will attempt to reset itself 3 times. The reset feature will help avoid nuisance tripping. The reset interval is approximately 3 seconds.

    Diagnosic LED Operation:
  • LED Off
  • Continuous Flasing
  • 1 Flash, Long Pause
  • 2 Flashes, Pause
  • 3 Flashes
  • LED ON
  • To reset transformer, cycle power off and on

    Root Cause
  • Normal Operation
  • Secondary Fault
  • Transformer overheated
  • Transformer case missing service ground
  • Line and Neutral reversed (347 unit only)
  • Transformer in bypass service mode