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SPEEDLamp 120-277V

SPEEDLamp 120-277V T12 High Ouput LED Retrofit Lamps

Allanson SPEEDLamps LED T12 lamps offers a unique and robust construction. Offering a built-in, Class-1, high power factor driver, this IP 65 rated fluorescent lamp replacement is rotatable with sealed end caps and 50,000 hours of lifetime. Its built-in LED driver reduces the cost and time spent on installation for retrofits and new-build signs. Double-sided and available in all popular T12 lengths and no external power supplies makes SpeedLamp a complete, quick and easy "in and out" LED sign solution.

Operating temperature: -40C to +60C


  • Colour 6500K bright white
  • Durability 50,000+ hour lifetime rating, L70
    5-Year Warranted
EAEA1421 18" 120-227V   EA -
EAEA1422 24" 120-227V   EA -
EAEA1423 30" 120-227V   EA YES
EAEA1424 36" 120-227V   EA -
EAEA1425 42" 120-227V   EA YES
EAEA1426 48" 120-227V   EA YES
EAEA1427 60" 120-227V   EA YES
EAEA1428 64" 120-227V   EA YES
EAEA1429 72" 120-227V   EA YES
EAEA1430 84" 120-227V   EA YES
EAEA1431 96" 120-227V   EA YES
EAEA1432 108" 120-227V   EA -
EAEA1433 117" 120-227V   EA -
EAEA1434 120" 120-227V   EA YES

  • Quick and easy replacement of T12 HO Fluorescent lamps
  • Built-in Class 1 High Power Factor driver
  • Direct 120-277V power source (no external driver required)
  • Double-sided and available in all popular T12 lengths
  • 50,000+ hour lifetime rating, L70
  • Rotatable R17d sealed end caps
  • Operating temperature: -30C to +60C
  • IP 65 rated
  • 5 year warranty
  • LED lamp solution for T12 HO replacemnets