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SPEEDLamp 347V

SPEEDLamp 347V T12 High Output LED Retrofit Lamps

SpeedLamp 347 volt LED retrofit lamp offers a unique and robust construction with an IP65 rating, rotatable sealed end caps and 50,000 hour lifetime rating. It provides outstanding performance while requiring fewer site visits, saving time and money. The built-in LED driver reduces the cost and time spent on installations for retrofits and new build signs. No external power supplies are required, making SpeedLamp a complete, quick, and easy. Designed for use in outdoor pylon signs.


  • Colour Cool white
  • Durability 50,000+ hour lifetime rating, L70
    5-Year Warranted
EAEA1441 18" 347V   EA -
EAEA1442 24" 347V   EA -
EAEA1443 30" 347V   EA -
EAEA1444 36" 347V   EA -
EAEA1445 42" 347V   EA -
EAEA1446 48" 347V   EA YES
EAEA1447 60" 347V   EA -
EAEA1448 64" 347V   EA -
EAEA1449 72" 347V   EA -
EAEA1450 84" 347V   EA -
EAEA1451 96" 347V   EA YES
EAEA1452 108" 347V   EA -
EAEA1453 117" 347V   EA -
EAEA1454 120" 347V   EA YES

  • Quick and easy replacement of T12 HO Fluorescent lamps
  • Built-in Class 1 High Power Factor driver
  • Direct 347V power source (no external driver required)
  • Double-sided and available in all popular T12 lengths
  • 50,000+ hour lifetime rating, L70
  • Rotatable R17d sealed end caps
  • Operating temperature: -30C to +60C
  • IP 65 rated
  • 5 year warranty
  • LED lamp solution for T12 HO pylon sign replacemnets
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