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ASLAN RP35 White / RP36 Clear Rear Projection Film

The RearProjection transparent is a self-adhesive film for rear projection using projectors. The film is available in either transparent RP 36 clear or PR 35 white. The RP 35 white is a visual stop, that stops the projection at the film, or the RP 36 clear is transparent so that the background can be seen through the film both during projection and not.

ASLAN RP 36 clear and RP 35 white can be applied to any glass or acrylic surface for projection: shop or restaurant windows, glass panels in shopping centres, acrylic at trade shows or in offices. A low tack application tape is recommended during installation and installation instructions are included below.

For ideal results projector needs to play videos in reverse mode and the best results are achieved when used with a strong, bright projector.


  • Adhesive Pressure sensitive polyacrylate adhesive. Semi-permanent.
  • Colours Polyester Clear or PVC White
  • Durability 7 year outdoor
VUASRP35-125 RP 35 White, 53" x 41 feet   RL YES
VUASRP35-27 RP 35 White, 53" per yard   YD YES
VUASRP35-50 RP 35 White, 53" x 164 feet   RL -
VUASRP36-125 RP 36 Clear, 53" x 41 feet   RL YES
VUASRP36-27 RP 36 Clear, 53" per yard   YD YES

  • Rear projection of media onto transparent, rigid surfaces
  • Digital reproduction of images, videos and presentations
  • Interactive applications
  • Multimedia displays in shop windows, at the POS, in shopping centres, at trade fairs, at art exhibitions and more

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