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ClearBoard CB90 & CB95 Dry Erase

ASLAN ClearBoard CB 75 Matte / CB 90 Gloss Dry Erase Laminates

ASLAN ClearBoard are semi-permanent 3.15mil, CB 75 Matte or CB 90 Gloss, clear dry-erase / whiteboard over laminate films. From offices to children's rooms, these unique prodoct allow you to transform any smooth and/or printed surface into a communication board for use with dry erase/whiteboard markers. Just apply the self-adhesive film onto a smooth surface, coloured vinyl or printed image to create your customizable surface.

The film guarantees easy, residue-free removal of ink using a microfibre cloth without leaving shadows or ghosting. In addition, the unique low-reflection surface of the matte film can be used as front projection screen.

You can use all commercially available whiteboard markers for writing on the flms. Letterings can be easily wiped off with a dry microfibre cloth without leaving any ghosting. We recommend a smooth cloth, sponge or blackboard wiper. For permanent marker, you can clean the flms with alcohol or varsol for cleaning purposes without leaving any residues. Alternatively you can use a cleaner with a high alcohol percentage or spirit.

This film can not be printed.


  • Finish Matte or Gloss
  • Durability 5 year outdoor
VEASCB101 54" x 82 feet, Matte   RL YES
VEASCB102 54" x 164 feet. Matte   RL YES
VEASCB111 54" x 82 feet, Gloss   RL -
VEASCB112 54" x 164 feet, Gloss   RL -

  • Choice of Low-reflection, matte surface or hi-reflective, gloss surface
  • Writing from whiteboard markers can be easily dry-erased using a microfibre cloth, without leaving any shadows or ghosting
  • Writing in unsuitable media (e.g. permanent marker) can be removed easily using alcohol-based cleaning products
  • Can be laminated onto any print
  • Flexibility for slightly curved surfaces
  • The matte version can be used as a projection film by laminating onto a white surface
  • Create customised dry-erase boards by combining with coloured or printed films and other smooth surfaces
  • Writing can be changed daily in offices, seminar rooms, hospitals, schools and nurseries
  • CB 75 can be used for projection surface for videos, images and presentations

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