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ASLAN MetalEffect Metalized Indoor/Outdoor Polyester Film CA 23

MetalEffect is a 2mil, metalized, self adhesive polyester film for both indoor and outdoor cut graphics for flat applications. It ships on a siliconized cardboard release liner and has a permanent acrylic adhesive. This smooth or brushed metallic film is uniquely the same colour and finish on both sides, so it can be applied DRY onto both glass and acrylic for double side viewing.

Gold and silver colours have a 3-5 year outdoor life with vertical exposure and all other colours are rated as 2 year outdoor. Minimum application temperature +15 degress Celcius.

Plotting Tips: A new and/or sharp 30 or 36 degree blade is recommended at a max speed of 300 mm/s. Weeding becomes easier with plots 3cm and larger.


  • Construction 2mil, Metalized polyester with a permanent acrylic adhesive
  • Finish Metallic
  • Durability
    • Polished Silver or Gold = max 3-5 years vertical exposure
    • All other colours: max 2 years outdoor vertical exposure
VEASCA101-27 49" Smooth Rose Gold (13101K), sold by the yard   YD YES
VEASCA102-27 49" Smooth Silver (13102K), sold by the yard   YD YES
VEASCA103-27 49" Smooth Gold (13103K), sold by the yard   YD -
VEASCA106-27 49" Brushed Gold (13106K), sold by the yard   YD YES
VEASCA104-27 49" Brushed Silver (13104K), sold by the yard   YD YES
VEASCA105-27 49" Brushed Copper (13105K), sold by the yard   YD YES
VEASCA107-27 49" Smooth Copper (13107K), sold by the yard   YD YES
VEASCA109-27 49" Brushed Steel (13109K), sold by the yard   YD YES

  • Dry Apply
  • Both indoor and outdoor applicable
  • 3 year shelf life
  • Same metallic finish front and back
  • Can be plotter cut
  • Cut lettering
  • Stripes
  • For use on glass and acrylic

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