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EtchedBoard Dryapply Application

ASLAN EtchBoard Dryapply EBL 300 Re-Writable Window Etch

Etchboard EBL 300 is a 3.15mil, polymeric, air-egress, frosted etch window glass decoration film with a writable surface that transforms any glass surface into a whiteboard. Conventional dry-erase markers can be used to write on the film and it can be dry-erased with a microfibre cloth. This, in combination with the subtle sandblasted look of the film, creates a unique 2-in-1 effect. This Fire Rated (FR) film has ASLAN Dryapply technology meaning it can be dry-mounted easily and smoothly without any air-bubbles. Add areas for presentations to your office spaces and immediately start using all transparent surfaces as whiteboards.

Installation Tips: The film is to be a applied dry only. Using a squeegee, the material is to be applied with even and firm pressure to get proper adhesion. Ensured that once installed no water accumulates at the edges of the film (e.g. in metal or plastic frameworks) and no condensation forms on glass panes onto which the films has been installed. In such cases, and when the film is applied on a freestanding glass surface or a whitening of the adhesive might occur.

Please note that the film must not be written on until 72 hours after installation.


  • Finish Frosted Etch effect with Dry-Erase top coat
  • Durability Indoor apply.
LAS35223 ASLAN Glassline Glass Decor Colour Chart (incl GlassColour CT 113)   EA YES
VUAS14301EBL-25 53" sold by the yard   YD YES

  • Etch effect provides privacy for offices and boardrooms
  • Air egress, acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive tobe DRY APPLIED ONLY
  • Release liner is a PE-coated silicone cardboard (double-sided)
  • Dry erase top coat
  • Application onto glass and acrylic panels.

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