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ASLAN Print Metal CA 30

ASLAN PrintMetal CA 30 Printable Metallic Film

PrintMetal CA 30 is a 5.5mil, metallized PET film with a permanent adhesive that is digitally printable. Suited both for roll or flatbed plotting and for printing with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-curing inks.

With identical colour and brushed effects on both sides and an anti-scratch surface, PrintMetal CA 30 is ideal for use on transparent surfaces such as glass and acrylic, but is also perfect for doming applications. This material can help to create striking designs on all smooth surfaces. It offers 5 years outdoor durability.


  • Finish Metallized PET
  • Durability 5-Year Outdoor
VEASCA30117-27 49" Smooth Gold (13117K), Sold by Yard   YD YES
VEASCA30119-27 49" Smooth Silver (13119K), Sold by Yard   YD -
VEASCA30124-27 49" Brushed Silver (13124K), Sold by Yard   YD YES
VEASCA30126-27 49" Brushed Gold (13126K), Sold by Yard   YD YES
VEASCA30129-27 49" Brushed Steel (13129K), sold by the yard   YD YES

  • For printing with all standard solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-curing inks
  • Highly scratch-resistant
  • Identical colour and brushed effects on both sides, ideal for decorating glass, e.g. with mirror-image lettering and logos for protection against vandalism and environmental influences
  • 5.5mil thick makign it easy to apply
  • Long outdoor durability of 5 years
  • Decorate smooth, flat surfaces with (large-format) digital prints
  • POS and retail window applications, such as cosmetic shops, Christmas decorations, etc.
  • Trade show exhibition
  • Interior design
  • Ideal for glass surfaces, as colour and brushed finish is identical on both sides

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