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MagneTack Magentic Base

ASLAN MT 400 MagneTack PSA Magnetic Base

ASLAN MT 400 MagneTack is a flexible, 15.7mil black magnetic face, with an aggressive, permanent self-adhesive backer and a coated paper release liner. This magentized base layer can help create interchangable marketing messages in retail spaces, points of purchase, sale or trade show stands. This material has a very aggressive, permanent adhesive that can be applied directly to clean and properly prepared smooth surfaces. MagneTack ASLAN MT 400 is the perfect base to mount ASLAN FerroPaper products for short-term marketing messages, menu boards or special offers.

Application Note; panels should always be hung vertically and not horizontally.

ASLAN FerroPaper FP 180 polyester and FP 260 polypropylene printable ferromagnetic films will mount to the surface of MagneTack allowing for easily changed messages and marketing. Due to the films high barium and strontium level, up to three layers of FerroPaper films can mount safely to the surface without curling or sliding off.


  • Construction PE-based film containing Barium and Strontium Ferrit with a permanent adheisve back.
  • Finish Black, magnetized face.
JASU0001-YD MagneTack MT 400 Magnetic with Perm PSA Back, 39" sold by the yard   YD YES
JASU0001 MagneTack MT 400 Magnetic with Perm PSA Back, 39" x 39 feet   RL YES

  • For indoor use only
  • Dry apply
  • PE-based film containing Barium and Strontium Ferrit
  • Aggressive, ultra-strong adhesive can hold up it's own weight when hung vertically. Panels should not be hung horizontally.
  • 15.7mil (400 micron) thickness
  • Minimum application temperature +15 degrees celcius
  • Service temperature range of -20 to +70 dgrees celcius
  • Combines with FerroPaper FP 180 and FP 260 printable face films
  • Message boards
  • In-store branding
  • Menu boards
  • Trade show exhibits
  • Floor stands
  • Directional signage
  • Event signage

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