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Avery Application Squeegees

Avery Dennison offers a complete list of accessories to help you achieve a professional end result no matter what your application. Vinyl application squeegees are applicable for every type of installation:

White Plastic Hard Card Squeegee: low cost option for light or single use applications

Blue Felt Edge Squeegee: won't scratch during install. Contains nylon for flexibility. For flat to slightly curved surfaces

Red Pro Flex Felt Edge Squeegee: won't scratch during install. Soft and flexible for deep corrugations and curved surfaces.

FleXtreme Micro Squeegee: tiny stick shaped micro squeegees for narrow concave areas. Specifically designed for tucking films behind soft vehicle moldings without damage. Includes 1 each of red(soft) and blue(hard)

Pro Rigid Squeegee: the most rigid 4" squeegee for flat applications and performance products like Conform Chrome. Felt wrapped edge for scratch free installs. Also ideal for use on flat surfaces.

Justin Pate Squeegee Buffer: 4" Adhesive squeegee buffer strip by Justin Pate is the ideal pre-cut, no scratch buffer strip for use in vehicle wraps. The adhesive allows for easy removal from the squeegee. Fits most standard 4" squeegees.


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PAVA008 White Rigid Plastic Squeegee   EA YES
PAVA058 Blue Felt Edge Squeegee   EA YES
PAVA071 Red Pro Flex with Felt Edge Squeegee   EA YES
PAVACB2620001 FlexTreme Micro Squeegee with Handle (pack of 1 red, 1 blue)   SET YES
PAVAAP8270001 Pro Rigid Extra-Hard Squeegee   EA YES
PATASQBUFF4 4" Adhesive Squeegee Buffer Strip by Justin Pate   EA YES

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