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SC 900 Etchmark Frosted Window Films

Avery SC 900 Etchmark is a 2mil cast vinyl film with a permanent adheisve designed to create the image of frosted decorations on glass without the use of etching chemicals, or sand blasting. It can be applied to flat surfaces and produces best results when applied to transparent substrates such as glass, acrylic sheeting, and polycarbonate. Minimum application temperature +4 degrees celcius. Now also available with a PET liner for clean wet applications.

Note that this product is available with either Kraft or PET liner.


  • Construction 2mil, Cast
  • Adhesive Clear, Permanent Acrylic
  • Finish Semi-transparent, frosted-etch effect
  • Durability Up to 5 years outdoor
VCU9861 15" by the yard, Kraft Liner   YD YES
VJU9861 24" by the yard, Kraft Liner   YD YES
VES9861-100 48" by the yard, Kraft Liner   YD YES
VYS9861-50 60" x 50 yards, Kraft Liner (Sold in 5 yard increments)   YD YES
VES9861PET-100 48" by the yard, PET Liner   YD YES
VYS9861PET-50 60" x 50 yards, PET Liner   YD -

  • Outstanding durability and outdoor performance
  • Excellent UV, temperature, humidity, and salt-spray resistance
  • Easy cutting & weeding
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Rejuvenate doors, window and partitions enhancing aesthetics while providing opportunity for visual privacy
  • Commercial offces, conference rooms, lobbies, and retail environments
  • Suitable for glass and other transparent/ translucent materials

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