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LED Diode Module

LED Diode Module Light Strips

Bitro's CSA certified eco:PRIME LED modules offers you quality illumination, reliability, and budget conscious considerations in a complete package.

Based on the most current LED technology in the market, these CSA certified modules are bright, efficient, and consistent with strictest color rank control. They are tested and proven for long lasting and reliable illumination with industrial-grade robust build and excellent thermal management design. Bitro's eco:PRIME LED channel letter module series is your complete LED solution for all of your eco:conscious channel letter applications.

5-Year Warranted, IP67 wet rated.

EBRA1009 Eco-Prime 2G, Pure White, 2 modules/ft, 3 UP   FT YES
EBRA1012 Eco-Prime, Red, 2 modules/ft, 2 UP   FT -
EBRA1013 Eco-Prime, Blue, 2 modules/ft, 2 UP   FT -
EBRA1014 Eco-Prime, Green, 2 modlues/ft, 2 UP   FT -
EBRA1210 Eco-Prime, Red Slim, 2.5 modules/ft, 2 UP   FT -
EBRA1211 Eco-Prime, Pure White Slim, 2.5 modlues/ft   FT -
EBRA1310 Tito, Pure White, 5 modules/ft, 3 UP   FT -
EBRA1410 Prime Trio, Pure White, 2 modules/ft, 3 UP   FT -
EBRA1510 RGB Max, 2 modules/ft, 3 UP   FT -

  • Bright, efficient, and consistent Colors with strictest color rank control
  • P68, fully potted water-proof design
  • Tested & proven excellent thermal management for long lasting reliable illumination
  • Solderless "Wire-to-Wire" design to reduce voltage drop and human error
  • Professionally designed and engineered for industrial grade robust body
  • Manufactured in Korea, in fully automated state-of-the-art facilities
    Interior and exterior:
  • Light boxes
  • Channel letters
  • Sign cabinets