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Bitro DuLite

DuLite Colour Changing Acrylic Panel

Bitro's DuLite is a line of colour changing acrylic panel product based on revolutionary patented colour changing acrylic technology. DuLite emits its base colour during the day while the illumination source is turned off and then transmits the colour of the illumination source when it's lit. The result is optimum diffusion of illumination across the surface at night and bright colours during the day.

Designed for outdoor use in signage and architecture applications, it is optimized for use with LED.

RBIBK310 Black, 3mm, 48"x96"   SH -
RBIBK510 Black, 5mm, 48"x96"   SH -
RBIBL510 Blue, 5mm, 48"x96"   SH YES
RBIHDB310 Royal Blue, 3mm, 48"x96"   SH -

  • Color changing acrylic - colour by day/white by night
  • Bright & elegant illumination
  • Cost- effective
  • Available in different colors
  • Quality acrylic
    Exterior LED light boxes, channel letters and architectural signs.