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Performance Perforated 60/40 White on Black

A 60/40 perforated, high quality polymeric vinyl with a clear, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive that minimizes shrinkage. It provides low temperature application, reliable adhesion and the best, cleanest removability of any product in its class.

Replacement Liner is recommended for solvent/latex inkjet printing. Additional Liner is recommended for UV-cure.

  • Unique Grey Liner Makes Selling Graphics Easier and Saves on Ink Usage
    The grey liner simulates the inside of a building or vehicle so that before application, you see a close approximation to the appearance of the applied graphics, helping you get approvals for graphics more easily and possibly even winning bids against your competition.

    The same grey liner helps printer operators see a close representation of the final appearance of the graphics and reduces the desire to compensate for the washed-out appearance of prints on a white liner, saving on ink usage.
  • Clean Removal saving you Time and Aggravation
    The perforated film features a thick vinyl face-film, which is stronger and is less likely to break during removal, speeding up the clean removal of the graphics and saving you time and aggravation.
  • Solvent and Latex Compatible
    This perforated film is intended for solvent, 'eco-solvent' and latex inkjet printing, and screen printing. Edge sealing is recommended for long term installations.


  • Sizes 27, 54 and 60"
  • Adhesive Semi Permanent
  • Finish Gloss
  • Durability 3 years
JCVM2008 27" x 5 yards, for UV printers   5Y YES
JCVM2013 54" x 10 yards, for UV printers   10Y -
JCVM2011 54" x 50 yards, for UV printers   50Y -
JCVM2016 60" x 50 yards, for UV printers   50Y -
JCVM2009 27" x 5 yards, for SV/LX   5Y YES
JCVM2012 54" x 10 yards, for SV/LX   10Y YES
JCVM2010 54" x 50 yards. for SV/LX   50Y YES
JCVM2010-YD 54" (for SV/LX), sold in multiples of 5 yards   YD YES
JCVM2018 54" x 136 yards   RL -
JCVM2014 60" x 50 yards, for SV/LX   50Y YES

  • Replacement Liner construction allows the adhesive to wet-out onto a flat liner after the perforation process, which improves adhesion to glass.
  • Universally accessible
  • REACH compliant avoiding the use of potentially harmful substances.
  • High quality polymeric face-film and adhesive for easy application and clean removal.
  • Grayliner reduces ink consumption and improves image perception and customer acceptance.
  • Window graphics

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