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Performance Clear

Performance Clear Perforated 70/30

Reverse printed, 180micron-thick see-through graphics applied to the inside of a window are good for cold-weather installations, protected from vandalism, rain-water and street dirt. Also, access to the inside of upper level windows is often easier inside than outside. Bucket-trucks, planning or zoning restrictions can often be avoided with inside application. This product is also applicable when first surface printed for outside application.

Standard one-way design is printed as follows: Reverse-reading (CMYK), backed up with a layer of white ink and then followed by a layer of black

Clear Perforated Vinyl in 70/30 with Additional Liner for UV cure print or new Universal Liner for printing with all inks. Edge sealing is recommended for long term installations.


  • Sizes 27" samples, 54"
  • Adhesive Permanent
JCVM2309 Clear 70/30 Perf 27"x5Y for UV Sample   5Y YES
JCVM2312 Clear 70/30 Perf 54" x50Y for UV   50Y -
JCVM3422 Clear 70/30 Perf 54" x 10 yards, Suitable for All Inks   10Y YES

  • Premium quality products
  • Available in 70/30 and 80/20 transparency levels
  • Clear perforated products allow for reverse printed images, inside mounted using UV cure inks
  • Suitable for corporate identity and long-term branding
  • REACH compliant avoiding the use of potentially harmful substances.
  • The polymeric formulation ensures minimal shrinkage after installation to avoid dirt-attracting adhesive from becoming exposed.
  • Inside-apply window and door graphics

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