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Performance HD White on Black

Performance HD Perforated 60/40 White on Black

Contra Vision HD (High Definition) Performance is a white on black 60/40 perforated window film for one-way vision graphics on a universal liner that is compatible with all ink sets. This product comes with a 3-year outdoor life expectancy when combined with the recommended Avery DOL 1360Z overlaminate.

Innovative 1mm diameter holes are 60% smaller than conventional perforated films.The smaller hole gives sharper detail and greater visual clarity. This exterior apply 60/40 transparency product provides the same visual print effect as a 70/30 transparency, with a rear view-thru of a 50/50 product. The refined texture and appearance of the product will convert anyone who was not previously a fan of perforated window films.

Minimum application temperature is 5C both air and substrate.

Compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-cure inks, Edge sealing is recommended for long term installations.


  • Finish Gloss, white face with black back.
JWBM1128 27" x 5 yards   RL -
JWBM1129 27" x 3.3 yards, for all inks   RL YES
JWBM1130 54" x 10 yards, for all inks   10Y -
JWBM1131 54" x 50 yards, for all inks   50Y YES

  • Features Contra Vision's unique patented Grayliner technology
  • Looks like 70/30 with a view-though of a 50/50 product!
  • Universal grey liner is compatible with all ink sets
  • Gloss finish
  • Recommeded overlaminate: Avery DOL 1360Z
  • 3-year outdoor life
  • REACH compliant avoiding the use of potentially harmful substances
  • Retail windows
  • Doors
  • Glass partitions

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