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Window with Daytime Privacy Film

Contra Vision HD 60/40 Inmount Perforated Daytime Privacy Film

Contra Vision HD Performance Daytime Privacy Film is a NON_PRINTABLE black on white, polymeric microperforated self-adhesive vinyl with a 40% transparency for inside mounting. It is 6mil thick and has a removable, pressure-sensitive adhesive on the white face side of the material with the black being the non-adhesive side. The white side applies to the inside of the glass which reflects light and shields the view inside in the same way that sheer curtains do. Blinds or curtains may be still be required at night to maintain privacy, if the inside room is illuminated.

When applied to the inside of a window, this film gives an element of privacy and solar shading from the outside while allowing viewing through from the inside. It can even help to prevent bird strikes! It comes on a solid paper liner optimised for easy removal, but is not suitable for printing.

It has an approximate 60% reduction in glare and UV radiation and depending on glass type, a 51% reduction in solar heat gain. This can help offices, public buildings and homes to be more comfortable living environments with lower air conditioning costs.


  • Construction 6 mil polymeric
  • Finish 40% perforation with black back on warm white adheisve face
  • Durability Indoor use only, for up to 3+ years
JCVM2225 60" x 10 yards   RL -
JCVM2226 60" x 50 yards   RL -

  • 60/40, microperforated punch pattern
  • Inside-apply only
  • Helps to minimize bird collisions
  • Ideal for daytime privacy
  • 36% visible light transmission
  • 28% UV transmission
  • 60% reduced glare
  • Inside-apply only
  • Ideal for creating daytime privacy when applied to the inside of a window.
  • This product is not recommended for use on glass with coatings such as anti-reflective, self-cleaning and scratch-resistance, which may be damaged during film removal.

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