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ContraVision Mirror One-Way Daytime Privacy Film

ContraVision Mirrored On-Way privacy film is a 1.8mil non-perforated, non-printable window film product which is reflective from the outside to provide one-way vision privacy. From inside the film has a tint see-though effect and is not reflective day or night.

Mirrored One-Way Privacy films give a shiny metallic look to the outside of the window. This can be an attractive feature when coupled with modern architecture. These films provide very good one-way vision privacy during bright daytime conditions and significant solar control benefits in terms of keeping rooms cooler in hot climates.

Unlike other reflective window films, Contra Vision Mirrored One-Way Privacy is not reflective on the inside and does not turn into a mirror at night for people inside buildings. Apply using a wet application method. Glass must be thoroughly cleaned beforehand with soap and water (do not use conventional window cleaners), and dried thoroughly. Minimum application temperature +10C.


  • Construction 1.8mil, polyester with permanent adhesive
  • Finish Silver mirror adheisve side, blue tint non-adheisve side
  • Dura Up to 10 years lifespan
JCVM4010-YD 60", sold by the yard   YD -
JCVM4010 60" x 33 yards   RL -

  • Polyester film
  • Install onto the inside surface of the glass
  • One-way vision privacy during daytime
  • Solar control, 90% + solar reduction and 99%+ UV protection
  • 24/7 see-through from inside the building
  • Up to 10 years lifespan
  • Waterproof
  • Unlike most reflective films this product will allow you to see through the window to the outside 24/7 and will not look like a mirror from inside at night
  • Install onto the inside surface of the glass
  • Wet application is easy for most with the guide provided

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