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GE 12V & 24V Tetra Power Supplies

GE 12V & 24V Tetra Power Supplies are rigorously tested for design, components and processes to Six Sigma standards to ensure that Tetra Power Supplies perform for years. Over 500,000 Power Supplies have been sold with a warranty return rate of less than 1%! The complete line of 12 volt or 24 volt Tetra Power Supplies include options for jobs of any size.

EGEE0101 12V 25W, 120-277VAC   EA YES
EGEE0102 12V 60W, 108-305VAC   EA YES
EGEE0103 12V 180W, 120-277VAC   EA YES
EGEE0104 24V 180W, 90-305VAC   EA YES
EGEE0105 24V 25W, 120-277VAC   EA -
EGEE0106 24V 288W, 108-305VAC   EA YES
EGEE0107 24V 100W, 108-305VAC   EA YES
EGEE0001 Dimming power supply, 12V 60W   EA -
EGEE0201 18 AWG Supply Wire, 500 foot spool   RL YES

Please refer to the GE Power Supply catalogue for individual power supply features.

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