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GE Tetra Contour Bendable LED Neon Replacement

Tetra Contour combines a flexible 24V LED interior light engine with a bendable rigid, optically diffuse extruded-plastic light guide that can be heated and then formed to fit a wide variety of designs and applications.

Tetra Contour installation is quick and easy, using low-profile mounting clips. It provides a bright, uniform appearance, seamless illumination and a wide 330 degrees of light output. It now features 103% greater loading so more feet of product can be run off each power supply, providing significant savings on material and labour costs.

EGEE0203 Red Contour Connector, 20/pack   EA YES
EGEE0204 Red Contour End Cap, 20/pack   EA YES
EGEE0205 Red Contour Edge Guide 8', 12/pack   FT YES
EGEA1001 Red Engine and Guide, 8'   FT YES
EGEA1002 Red Engine 8', 12 pack   FT YES
EGEE0207 White Contour Planar Corner, 20 pack   PACK -
EGEE0208 White Contour Outside Corner, 20 pack   PACK -
EGEE0209 White Contour Inside Corner, 20 pack   PACK -
EGEE0210 White Contour End Cap, 20 pack   PACK -
EGEE0211 White Contour Connector, 20 pack   PACK -
EGEE0212 White Contour Light Guide 96'   BOX -
EGEE0214 Contour Junction Box, 20/pack   PACK -
EGEE0202 Contour Mounting Clip, 50/pack   PACK YES

  • Flexible light engine can be custom cut to length
  • Rigid light guide can be heat formed into custom shapes
  • Light engine and guides can be mix-&-matched for unique colour options
  • Durable and impact resistant
  • Low voltage 24VDC system
  • 5 year warranty
  • Appearance of exposed neon for channel letters
  • Canopy higlights
  • Building edges
  • Sign outlines

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