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Polyester 2 mil High Bond Label Media

GMS High-Bond adhesive bonds most surfaces including to hard-to-stick-to surfaces such as powder paint and low energy plastics. Specially formulated for thermal transfer printers: Our line of polyesters are surface treated for excellent transfer of thermal ribbons and fine detail printing. Pair High-Bond polyesters with compatible laminates such as GMS Media "Wet Look" or "Tuff-Cover" for more durable, abrasion resistant products that take on the look of the laminate. Well suited for doming: Due to the moisture resistant liner that "lays flat" after printing and cutting, it's easy to use doming processes to finish the product.

GGMP4410 15" x 10 yd White   10Y -
GGMP4450 15" x 50 yd White   50Y -
GGMP4150 15" x 50 yd Clear   50Y YES
GGMP4010 15" x 10 yards Matte Silver   10Y -
GGMP4110 15" x 10 yd Clear   10Y -
GGMP4350 15" x 50 yd Shiny Silver   50Y -
GGMP4050 15" x 50 yd Matte Silver   50Y -