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Tuff Cover Overlaminate

Protect your labels from Harsh Environments and UV Damage

If you are creating labels or signs that will be exposed to UV or harsh environments, Tuff-Cover Laminate will give your markings the protection they need to last a long time.

Tuff-Cover is an 8 mil velvet textured laminate, with a clear, permanent, acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. This extremely durable covering resists harsh cleaners, chemicals and petroleum products. Tuff-Cover has almost double the UV blocking power of other outdoor laminates: it protects against UV damage for up to 9 years. We have tested Tuff-Cover with everything from gasoline and hydraulic oil to sulfuric acid on samples of data plates for vehicles.

Another benefit of Tuff-Cover laminate is that you can use it with either vinyl or polyester base materials. For membrane switch overlays, Tuff-Cover withstands many times more push-button actuations when compared to polycarbonates. This film also exhibits excellent resistance to cracking (flex-stress tests) under the stress of push-button overlay applications.

GGMO1150 13" x 50 yards Velvet UV   50Y -