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Dimense Media

Dimense Print Media

Dimense print media is an enviromentally friendly wallcovering material that is made specifically for use on the Dimensor S printer. This media is made from a polyolefin compound with a non-woven backer. It is REACH certified, PVC free, phthalate-free, plasticizer free and has no odour. Fire rated EN13501-1 as C-s1, d0 issued by Lithuanian Fire research centre. Certification by Eco Institut in accordance to AgBB-scheme 2015. Light fast and very durable with soap & water washability rating of DIN EN12956.

Available up to 1.6m (63") wide with a media weight of 250 - 330 gsm depending on the finish chosen.


  • Finish Matte, pearlescent, silver or gold
JVKM4001 Matte White, 63" x 164 feet   RL YES
JVKM4003 Pearl, 63" x 164 feet   RL YES
JVKM4004 Metallic Gold, 63" x 164 feet   RL YES
JVKM4005 Metallic Silver, 63" x 164 feet   RL YES
JVKM4006 Suede, 63" x 164 feet   RL YES

  • PVC-free
  • Plasticizer free
  • REACH certified
  • FR rated
  • Non-woven
  • Durable
  • Soap & Water Washable

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