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Interlam Pro Lustre UV Laminate

Interlam Pro Lustre UV is a 4mil monomeric soft calendared PVC laminating film with a lustre finish, coated on one side with a pressure sensitive, aqueous acrylic adhesive, which is protected by a bleached Kraft release paper coated on both sides with polyethylene and siliconized on the release side. Both the fi lm and the adhesive contain UV stabilizers, which protect against both UV degradation and potential mechanical damage.


  • Construction Clear, monomeric
  • Adhesive Clear, permanent
  • Finish Lustre
  • Durability Expected durability up to 5 years
JDTD1252 51" x 150 feet   RL YES
JDTD1253 51" x 300 feet   RL -
JDTD1254 54" x 150 feet   RL YES
JDTD1256 61" x 150 feet   RL -

  • Low sheen without loss of contrast or sharpness
  • Aqueous acrylic adhesive prevents silvering and produces a strong bond to UV inks as well as latex and other ink technologies.
  • Class 0 Fire Rating for surface spread of flame makes it perfect for applications in public areas that require compliance with strict fire regulations, such as airports, hotels and hospitals
  • Ideal for POP displays, architectural renderings, promotional displays, and event signage.
  • Recommended for photographic quality images that will be viewed under direct lighting conditions.
  • Applicable for photographic quality images that will be viewed under direct lighting conditions for indoor and outdoor applications

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