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Interlam Pro Anti-Graffiti High Gloss

Interlam Pro Anti-Graffiti UV is a 2mil, high performance, dimensionally stable PCTFE barrier film with strong anti-graffiti, scratch resistant and dry erase characteristics with a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesiveon a paper release liner. Its high-gloss finish provides a high degree of resistance to ultraviolet light, dirt and pollutants and the film offers superb clarity, detail and colour contrast. Both the film and the adhesive contain UV stabilizers, which protect against both UV degradation and potential mechanical damage. It wipes clean of virtually any spray paint and can be cleaned with most solvents and detergents without adverse effect - even permanent marker removes cleanly! Class 0 fire rating.

The premium adhesive produces a strong bond to UV-cure inks as well as latex and other ink technologies. Long term indoor and 7-year outdoor durable.


  • Construction High Gloss PCTFE
  • Adhesive Clear, permanent
  • Finish High Gloss
  • Durability Expected durability up to 7 years
JDTD1013 25.5" X 15'   RL YES
JDTD1011 54" x 75'   RL YES
JDTD1012 54" x 150'   RL YES
JDTD1012-YD 54" , sold in multiples of 5 yards   YD YES

  • Highly anti-scracth film
  • Lond term durable
  • Ideal for retail advertising graphics
  • Event graphics or displays
  • Outdoor bus shelters
  • Train stations
  • Kiosks
  • Can be used for construction barricades
  • Flame resistant class 0
  • Ideal for retail advertising graphics, event graphics or displays where graffi ti might be a possibility, such as outdoor bus shelters, train stations and kiosks.
  • Can be used for construction barricade applications.
  • Interlam Pro Anti-Graffi ti UV is flame resistant.

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