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ArmourPrint Emerytex & ArmourGrab Counter Mat System

A 23mil total thickness, two-part, printable, reverse-printed PVC based material set with a rubberized backer for the creation of counter mats. ArmourPrint Emerytex and ArmourGrab are laminated together to create a counter mat solution.

Reverse print the ArmourPrint and match it up to the adhesive side of the ArmourGrab. The white of the ArmourGrab will fill in the detail in the ArmourPrint, so no white ink is required! ArmourPrint Emerytex has been approved by the FDA for incidental food contact and both media are slip-resistant, making the combination safe and effective for counters in fast food outlets, convenience stores, bars and more.


  • Construction 23mil total solution, ArmourPrint face + ArmourGrab backer
  • Finish
    • ArmourGrab - white, rubberized back with adhesive face
    • ArmourPrint - clear, textured satin
  • Durability Expected durability up to 2 years
JDTH6062 Printable clear textured top, 15" x 15 feet   RL -
JDTH6063 Printable clear textured top, 54" x 75 feet   RL YES
JDTH6063-YD Printable clear textured top, 54" sold in multiples of 5 yards   YD YES
JDTH6060 White rubberized backer, 25" x 15 feet   RL -
JDTH6061 White rubberized backer, 54" x 75 feet   RL YES
JDTH6061-YD White rubberized backer, 54" sold in multiples of 5 yards   YD YES

  • Non-slip for counter tops
  • FDA-certified for incidental food contact
  • UV protection for short term outdoor counters
  • Moisture barrier for hygiene and protection
  • Fast food outlets
  • Convenience stores
  • Bar counters
  • Mousepads
  • Coasters

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