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TwinTac Double Linered Double Sided Mounting Adhesive

TwinTac is a double-linered, 2 mil, plasticised, clear PVC mounting adheisve coated on both sides with a pressure sensitive, aqueous acrylic adhesive which is protected on both sides by a bleached Kraft grey grid release paper coated on one side with siliconised polyethylene.

TwinTac is suitable for all mounting applications with the double release papers protecting the adhesive layer preventing any contamination during handling. It offers a very high level of flexibility in preparing material prior to the final mounting operation taking place.


  • Construction Permanent adhesive on clear monomeric film, with dual liner
  • Finish Clear
TDTP5440 25" x 150 feet   RL -
TDTP5445 51" x 150 feet   RL -

  • Kraft liner on both sides
  • Film Thickness: 50m (2mil)
  • Adhesive Layer: 25m (1 mil) on each side
  • Ratio Film/Adhesive: 1/1
  • Heat Resistance Range: 70oC to 95oC (158oF to 203oF)
  • Peel Strength (20 min, FTM1): 23 N/25mm
  • TwinTac is the ideal product for the production of precoated boards
  • Mounting to a wide range of materials

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