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MHL Gloss UV 10 mil Low Temperature Laminate

MHL Gloss UV 10 mil is a high clarity, low temperature overlaminating film. The adhesive is formulated to activate as low as 190 F - 220 F (88 C - 104 C).

Applicable as a laminating film for the encapsulation of electrostatic, xerographic and inkjet-bond output. While many operators prefer using a 3.0 mil MHL Gloss UV on the top and a 5.0 or 10.0 mil film on the bottom for added rigidity, any combination of thicknesses that you choose to use will provide bright, punchy colors and optimum clarity.


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  • Construction 7 mil polyester
  • Adhesive 3 mil coextruded polyethylene copolymer
  • Finish High gloss
JDTE3916 25" x 250 feet   RL -
JDTE3918 38" x 250 feet   RL YES
JDTE3920 51" x 250 feet   RL -