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ChalkMate PVC Chalk Board Film 5mil

ChalkMate is a 5 mil durable polymeric film that works well for a variety of chalkboard projects.

ChalkMate gets its name from its surface - it comes with a traditional black chalkboard finish that makes it easy to write on using standard chalk. You can also use liquid chalk markers, though those require water for removal. ChalkMate offers a great deal of versatility, as it can be used easily on a variety of smooth surfaces.

Chalkmate Permanent: Offers an acrylic adhesive that's permanent and pressure sensitive, which makes it ideal for fixture applications.

ReTac Chalkmate: features ultra-removable ReTac adhesive technology, which means it's ideal for creating temporary chalkboard walls that people can write on in an impromptu, less permanent fashion.

Both versions of ChalkMate can be used to make unique custom chalkboard decals, either from die-cut shapes or set designs, that will surely fit the bill for your next chalkboard-style project.

Fire rating Class 1 or Class A according to the ASTM E 84 test.


  • Construction 5 mil polymeric
  • Adhesive Permanent: 1.2 mil water-based acrylic
    ReTac: 0.8 mil repositionable adhesive
  • Durability Expected durability up to 5 years
JDTB5061 25" x 10 feet, Permanent Adhesive   RL YES
JDTB5060 30" x 50 feet, Permanent Adhesive   RL YES
JDTB5060-YD 30" , sold in multiples of 5 yards, Permanent Adhesive   YD YES
JDTB5062 61" x 100 feet, Permanent Adhesive   RL YES
JDTB5065 25" x 10 feet, Retac Removable/Repositionable   RL YES
JDTB5064 30" x 50 feet, Retac Removable/Repositionable   RL YES
JDTB5066 61" x 100 feet, Retac Removable/Repositionable   RL -

  • Ideal for teaching environments such as schools or daycare centres.
  • Excellent option for writing menus or prices in delis, pubs and grocery stores
  • Great for capturing notes or ideas in meeting rooms
  • ChalkMate: PE coating kraft release liner
  • ReTac: PE coated white fine paper
  • Fire rating Class 1 or Class A according to the ASTM E 84 test.
Indoor signage, retail sign programs, wall graphics/murals