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Ferro Magnet Compatible Media

Drytac ferro magnet compatible products are lightweight magnet-receptive materials with a smooth white paper face or vinyl face. Magnets of all kinds will stick to the face of these materials.

Two versions are available:

  • Paper-faced with a pressure sensitive adhesive on the back - printable with UV-cure inks only
  • Vinyl face without an adhesive - this product is not printable

    Note this product is NOT magentized and is also not compatible with the Visual Magentics system.


    Drytac Website

    JDTU1400 36" x 82 feet, with Adhesive Back   RL -
    JDTU1500 36" x 82 feet   RL -

    Drytac Ferro can be used virtually anywhere a magnet-receptive surface is required.
    • Maps
    • Calendars
    • Courtroom exhibits
    • In/Out Boards
    • Scheduling/Presentation Boards
    • Changeable signage
    • POP/Exhibit graphics
    • Directory boards
    • Menu boards
    • Game boards