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Visual Magnetics Printable MagnaMedia

Visual Magnetics MagnaMedia is a unique material developed by Visual Magnetics. The patented coating on the underside of MagnaMedia is embedded with ferrous particles that are magnetic receptive and attract to InvisiLock Magnet backer. Available in a wide selection of printer-dependant finishes can reproduce high gloss, high-resolution photographic imagery to your graphics.

The 3 components of the Visual Magnetics Graphic System are:
ActiveWall Wall Primer: a high strength, commercial grade magnetic receptive Micro-Iron based primer for wall surfaces to be used with double-sided Invisilock
InvisiLock Magnetic Base: a non-printable black patented flexible magnet specially engineered for strength. Also available is an adhesive version that can be used for fixture or furniture applications, but is not recommend for use directly on walls.30SE can hold 2-3 layers, 40HE can hold 3-4 layers of MagnaMedia.
MagnaMedia Print Base: magnetic receptive print media available in different finishes for different print platforms.

These components are layered on a wall or graphic surface, and the alternating combination of magnetic and magnetic-receptive materials transforms walls and fixtures without nails or glue.


LVMVMSWCO 8"x10" MagnaMedia Printed Sample Pack w/1 Sht of Invisilock 40HE   EA YES
JDTH2027 Polyfive PET Satin, 9mil 54X100'   RL -
JDTH2025 PolyEight PET 12mil Satin, 54"x100'   RL -
JDTH2042 SynPaper Satin 12mil, 54"x100'   RL -
JDTH2044 SynPaper Satin 12mil, 60"x100'   RL -
JDTH2047 PolyEdge UV Satin Sample, 30"x20'   RL YES
JDTH2049 PolyEdge UV Satin 11mil, 54"x100'   RL -
JDTH2050 PolyEdge UV Satin 11mil, 54"x300'   RL -
JDTH2054 PolyEdge UV Satin 11mil, 60"x100'   RL -
JDTH2046 PolyEight Plus Satin 13mil, 60"x100'   RL -
JDTH2066 PolyEdge ULS Satin 7.5mil, 60"x100'   RL -
JDTH2067 Polyedge ULS Satin 7.1ML, 54X100'   RL -
JDTH2010 PolySatin 11mil, 54" x 100'   RL -
JDTH2013 PolySatin 30"x20' & Invisilock 30SE 24"x10' Sample Kit, 1 roll each   KIT YES
JDTH2026 PolyEight Plus Satin 13mil, 54'x100'   RL -

The Visual Magnetics Graphic System is ideal for any company that frequently changes out their graphic messaging and plan these graphic change-outs as part of an annual marketing/advertising plan.
    Applications including:
  • Posters
  • Price signage
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Seasonal POP
  • Instore Branding

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