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Drytac Magnetic Tape Strips

Drytac Magnetic Tape A & B are two different magnetic tapes of opposite polarity, each coated with a permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. The magnet is 60.0 mil (1500 micron) thick with 0.5 mil (13 micron) of solvent acrylic adheisve with a paper release liner. Due to their opposing polarity, the two components will align perfectly.

Both A and B types are 60.5mil thick and 1/2" (13mm) wide.


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  • Finish Black magnet
TDTQ1000 A Polarity - 1/2" x 100'   RL YES
TDTQ1001 B Polarity - 1/2" x 100'   RL -

  • Base Material: 60.0 mil (1500 micron) magnetic tape
  • Adhesive: 0.5 mil (13 micron) solvent acrylic (sticks to metal)
  • Release Liner: Paper
  • Initial Tack: High
  • Application Temperature: Room temperatureľ100░F (38░C) Polarity: North / South random
Most commonly used to affix images onto metal (ferrous) surfaces such as trade show panels, vehicle body panels, and metal doors.

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