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OptiTac Optically Clear Double Sided Mounting Adhesive

OptiTac is a 1.5 mil (38µ) high quality, optically clear PET film, coated on both sides with a pressure sensitive, solvent acrylic adhesive, both of which are protected by a clear PET release liner. OptiTac is made using the finest optical clarity components. It offers excellent UV stability to graphic prints.

Available in Permanent/Removable or Permanent/Permanent.


  • Construction 1.5 mil Clear PET
  • Adhesive Solvent Acrylic
  • Colours Optically Clear
  • Durability 1 Year, Outdoors
TDTP5730 Permanent/Removable, 51" x 150 feet   RL YES
TDTP5749 Permanent/Permanent, 25.5" x 15 feet   RL YES
TDTP5746 Permanent/Permanent, 51" x 150 feet   RL YES
TDTP5745 Permanent/Permanent, 61" x 150 feet   RL -

  • Recommended for second surface mounting (commonly referred to as face mounting) of images to clear substrates such as PetG™, Plexiglas™, acrylic, polycarbonate, and glass.
  • Idea for lenticular imaging applications, backlit display transparencies, touch screen displays, and high quality photographic and inkjet printed images
  • Suitable for indoor and short-term outdoor use
  • Ideal for lenticular imaging applications
  • Backlit display transparencies
  • Touch screen displays
  • Window marketing pieces
  • Push/Pull decals