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Mediashield Deep Canvastex Laminate

MediaShield Deep Textured Canvastex is an 8.6 mil, embossed, UV stabilized, clear PVC laminating film with a deep canvas textured finish, coated on one side with a heat activated solvent acrylic adhesive on a moisture stable bleached kraft gridded release paper coated on one side with siliconized PE. Heat activated temperatures of 185F to 215F(85C to 102C)

The adhesive of this laminate contains UV stabilisers, which prevent flm degradation and provide UV protection to the underlying image. It has a service temeprature range of -4F to 203F (-20C to 95C).


  • Finish Embossed, canvas finish
JDTE3063 51" x 82 feet   RL -

  • Heat activated temperatures of 185F to 215F(85C to 102C)
  • Run at speeds of 1ft to 8ft per minute max
  • 8.6mil total thickness film & adheisve
  • Can be used to create the look of a traditional canvas print
  • Scuff and scratch resistant
Laminating your print with this film to give the illusion that the image has been printed on a coarse canvas. Highly recommended for photographs, posters, posters and fine art prints.