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EX-CEL Classic Expanded PVC 2mm

Excel PVC Integral Free Foam Sheet is chemically foamed, extruded rigid, light weight sheet with fine & homogeneous closed cell structure & smooth, glossy, hard surface finish on both sides.

RJABK24896 48" x 96" Black   SH -

  • Lead and cadmium free composition.
  • Non-warping
  • Low flammability
  • Non-corosive
  • Non-toxic
  • High impact
  • Superior choice for signage, displays, & exhibits fabrication. Suitable for adhering PSA vinyls, routing and painting.
  • Fabrication methods include: routing, automated flatbed cutting, drilling, riveting, screwing, painting, screen-printing, knife and saw cutting.
  • POP displays
  • Tradeshow exhibits
  • Interior advertising
  • Short term outdoor signage
  • Directional signage
  • Prototyping